Leveraging tools like Gong to increase your forecasting accuracy.

Forecasting inaccuracy is a common issue that plagues many companies and leaders. Even though it’s a critical component of running a business and companies rely on forecasting to make important decisions, it remains an ambiguous mixed bag filled with informed predictions, hopes, dreams, and wishful thinking.

If you struggle with forecasting you are not alone.

Did you know that 55% of sales leaders DO NOT have high confidence in their forecasting accuracy, as reported by Insightsquared?

On October 12th at 2:00PM EST we are going to share practical forecasting best practices that any sales leader can use.

Are you a Gong user?

If so, this will be a double whammy for you as we will share insights on how to leverage Gong for forecasting as well.

We will be joined by:

  • Daniel Whistler - Head of Sales and Customer Success at Workleap; Formerly Head of Sales, Central US at Shopify
  • Chuck Marcoullier - President of Sales Enablement Society, Seattle Chapter; Former VP of Revenue Enablement at FreightWaves
  • Samantha Levine - Strat Sales Exec, Gong
  • Pete Sibley - Director of MM Sales, Gong

These sales leaders and forecast experts will share their insights on how they’ve overcome some of the biggest struggles with forecasting, some do’s and don’ts, and how they’ve used Gong to improve their forecasting.

We will also have a live Q&A so you will have a chance to ask the panelists questions during the event.

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