As the market becomes increasingly more competitive, a company’s ability to turn raw data into actionable insights is the key for revenue teams to be able to meet and exceed their goals.

Data is a double-edged sword – a blessing that can become a curse. Common sense suggests that the more data your company collects the more clarity and insight into your customers and how to improve revenue. However, this frequently isn’t the case. Afterall, when was the last time you encountered a data dashboard and instantly grasped what actions to take?

The reasons that more data doesn’t simply equal better results is two-fold:

  • Biased, incomplete, or incompatible data sets
  • Data highlights the outcomes not the core causes

The result is that revenue leaders feel more informed but are actually misinformed. Resulting in misdirected conclusions that do not resolve the core issues undermining success.

That is why we are excited to announce the hiring of data science expert Daniel Bruce. As a senior technology leader with 20 years of experience working for major companies like AnheuserBusch, Penn Mutual, IBM, and NextEra Energy, he greatly enhances GTM Advisors’ ability to turn your abstract data sets into actionable answers. Our main goal is to help you find answers to your important questions and provide clarity when you’re unsure about the information you currently have.

Daniel’s expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence in combination with our team’s go-to-market and systems expertise mean that we are able to perform sophisticated root cause analysis and develop custom reporting tools. This results both in short-term improvement and on-going optimization for measurably better outcomes.

With these newly expanded data science capabilities GTM Advisors is uniquely able to analyze both revenue performance and voice of the customer data from your multitude of tools and data sources. Stop waiting to tap into your massive dataset where insights lead to millions of dollars.

Learn more about how GTM Advisors can help you solve your toughest go-to-market problems through sophisticated data science and root cause analysis, get in touch!