GTM Advisors was founded with one mission; to help growth-stage companies to optimize their revenue teams’ performance to accelerate growth. To deliver this we operate off a single foundational principle - that the gatekeepers between GTM strategy and results are your frontline managers.

This foundational principle came about from over 150 first-hand client experiences where we saw just how critical the role of Front Line Management is to driving execution against GTM strategy. Once we identified this as a root cause to success or failure, we spent time learning what was required to equip these leaders for success. There were many factors to consider but, in the final analysis, there were only four that were absolutely essential.

The four critical elements to successful revenue leadership

The four essentials for FLM success are:

  1. the ability to coach skill development in their team
  2. a standardized way to manage opportunities
  3. a formalized way to forecast revenue
  4. a consistent way to identify ICP and market insights

With these four things a FLM could successfully develop their team, manage their pipeline and drive predictable results for the business. Now, this may sound pretty basic and it’s true that there is nothing especially novel about this identification. But therein lies the issue, the biggest gap in the market is the knowing/doing gap.

  1. Skill Development Coaching: The ability to diagnose and coach the team on critical skills with a focus on ongoing development and performance.
  2. Opportunity Management: A standardized way to manage opportunities that yields consistent results and creates a framework for situational understanding and performance optimization over time.
  3. Forecast Process: A formalized way to forecast opportunities that is defined, objective and leads to predictable results.
  4. ICP & Market Insights: A consistent way to refine your ICP and persona understanding while building market insights to inform and optimize your targeting strategy.

Gong Performance Accelerator

Everyone knows they need these elements but how many have them in place? How many can show month-over-month or quarter-over-quarter improvement in these categories? The problem is that companies think that the solution to this is a technology purchase, when it is in fact a cultural change management exercise and that is where companies get stuck.

Gong is a powerful platform which can execute all four of the essential elements, so it begs the question why so many of their 4,000 or so customers are still using Gong as just a call recording tool. We did a recent poll in our Gong Practitioners group and 47% use it only for call recording and 33% using it for basic call coaching (*a small sample size but we believe representative of the market).

This is why we are excited to announce the launch of an in-house Gong practice - The Gong Performance Accelerator. We’ve built this practice around the four operational principles, driving product adoption and operational maturity, so you get the most out of Gong.

The practice is dedicated to resolving the following common issues:

  • Forecasting Accuracy
  • Inconsistent Opp Management
  • Unbalanced Skill Mastery in the Team
  • Assessing and Stack Ranking Talent
  • Inexperienced or 1st Time Managers
  • Lack of Clarity or Refinement of ICP
  • Product Usage and Adoption

As a certified Gong Consulting Partner, GTM Advisors can help you transform Gong usage from a call recording tool to a platform delivering business outcomes. Our advisors are all Gong Certified both as Program and Frontline Managers and equipped not just with a deep expertise of Gong but all of the go-to-market, operational, and procedural expertise that goes around it.

If you are a Gong customer struggling to realize full value, we can help you empower your front-line managers to connect go-to-market strategy and frontline execution. To learn more about our new Gong practice, click here.