1) What is Solution Development?

Solution development is an engagement where we focus on fixing a specific problem that does not yet have a defined solution. Typically, we accomplish this over the course of three sprints: Fact base building, strategy wireframing, and alignment & validation. The goal of these sprints is to design a custom solution with buy-in from all key stakeholders. This approach ensures that the prescribed solution is well informed and based on data and realities not assumptions or generalizations.

2) How do I know if I need Solution Development help?

Do you have a defined problem? Is your problem related to revenue objectives, growth constraints or your company’s go-to-market strategy? Would your leadership team benefit from greater clarity, alignment, and perspective on your problem? Would your leadership team welcome additional support, expertise, and recommendations for solving your problem?

If you answer yes to the questions above we can help you through one of our solution development offerings.

3) How is Solution Development and Adoption & Implementation different?

Solution Development is more focused on the big picture, involves the leadership team of your organization, and is more strategic in nature.

Adoption & implementation are engagements focused on very specific aspects of your organization, can also involve managers and ICs, and is more tactical.

4) What is the timeframe for a typical Solution Development engagement?

Our typical Solution Development engagement is approximately 90-days in duration and composed of three-sprints: Fact base building, strategy wireframing, and alignment & validation.

Other times a Solution Development engagement may be more like an ongoing retainer for companies seeking a long-term partnership.

5) What are some examples of Solution Development?

Here are a few Solution Development engagement examples:

  • GTM Optimization: Three-month sprint to establish current state of GTM, wireframe strategies to accelerate growth, and a co-developed GTM plan.

  • Growth Modeling: Support senior leadership and board in defining the growth model for the business, the required input and possible sample outcomes based on key strategies, and probabilistic outcomes.

  • Interim Executive: Support CEO/C-suite and the company navigate a challenging time period, provide confidence and support in key decisions and the action plan. Guide CEO/C-suite through key decisions and the action plans.

Each of these offerings can come in different flavors based on your company’s unique needs. If you’re interested in learning more get in touch!

6) What do your clients have to say about Solution Development services?

In a recent G2 review Jimmy S. had this to say about his experience working with us:

“Immersive GTM support and design. The diagnosis and prescription was very customized to my business (not just generic, plug and play consulting feedback) All the targets and outcomes were outlined ahead of time to be measurable - which made an ROI outcome very easy to define and measure against. I also appreciated that there was a level of pragmatism in their approach - not just saying “well, the book says…” but really digging in deep to understand my unique business needs - many times the ‘Book answer’ is a good one, but there can be 5-10% context differentiation that makes your exact use case slightly unique. They never ignored that critical 5-10%.”

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