1) What is Adoption & Implementation?

Adoption & Implementation sprints are short, focused, tactical engagements dedicated to executing a specific solution to a very defined pain point. We break different aspects of your change initiative into bite-sized sprints. This incremental approach keeps your team from becoming overwhelmed and promotes sustainable adoption. This also helps develop confidence as you compound wins and show progress.

2) How do I know if I need Adoption & Implementation help?

Are you struggling with the adoption of a new initiative? Unsure how to roll-out a new or refined go-to-market strategy? Frustrated with low process or system adoption? Generally, looking for help with change management?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above we can help you through one of our Adoption & Implementation offerings.

3) How is Adoption & Implementation and Solution Development different?

Adoption & implementation are engagements focused on very specific aspects of your organization, can also involve managers and ICs, and is more tactical.

Solution Development is more focused on the big picture, involves the leadership team of your organization, and is more strategic in nature.

4) What is the timeframe for a typical Adoption & Implementation engagement?

The average duration of an adoption or implementation sprint ranges anywhere from one week to 3 months depending on the complexity of your change initiative.

5) What are some examples of Adoption & Implementation?

Here are a few Adoption & Implementation Sprints examples:

  • Field Guides: Develop role specific bite-sized guides for the field focused on a defined skill. Field guides will enable reps to improve execution on specific skills in a short amount of time based on the definitive focus of each skill, which helps to avoid overwhelming and limited adoption.
  • Process Adherence: A practical and incremental approach at process implementation and enablement.

  • Methodology Adoption: Guide your organization through the identification and/or adoption of new methodologies such as SPICED, Meddic, Medspic, etc. We help your company get these methodologies and processes to become the modus operandi of the business and really stick.

  • Change Management: Guide CEO/C-suite and the company through a specific organizational change (new methodology, new process, new team, new org structure etc.) and support in key decisions and the action plans.

Each of these offerings can come in different flavors based on your company’s unique needs. If you’re interested in learning more get in touch!

6) What do your clients have to say about Adoption & Implementation services?

In a recent G2 review Ashley M. had this to say about her experience working with us:

“High adoption rates and even better outcomes for our team and our customers! Working with Ryan didn’t feel like a textbook, one-size-fits-all consult. He took the time to understand our unique business needs to make the methodology relevant and ultimately resonate with our reps. I also appreciate the top-down approach, knowing that the leadership team and managers must be trained and fully bought in for the program to gain traction.”

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