Daniel has joined GTM Advisors as the Managing Director of the newly formed Data Science practice. Daniel specializes in helping companies navigate the constant noise of hype and fear around AI/ML capabilities, and find the right solution for their needs.

Daniel is a senior technology leader with 20 years of experience. Daniel has honed his focus on the design and implementation of cutting-edge AI and ML solutions. These experiences afforded him a strong understanding of what it takes to design and build large-scale enterprise systems and data solutions. During this time he honed his skill in overcoming the challenges to extract insights from unstructured data compared to traditional data sources like those found in a typical CRM, ERM, or financial management system.

Throughout his career, Daniel has partnered with a wide array of organizations, ranging from high tech startups to Fortune 100 giants like Publix, NextEra Energy, AB InBev, and BMW. Their shared objective has always been to cut through the noise and clutter, seeking actionable insights and trustworthy AI solutions to drive their businesses forward.

Daniel believes that modern AI technologies offer unparalleled potential for impact. But he also believes that the most valuable solutions are those that enhance and optimize the user experience. This principle holds true for data in general, but it becomes especially evident when dealing with messy and complex data sources.

Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Florida and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Cornell University. Outside of his professional commitments, Daniel is deeply passionate about education, particularly in helping encourage and mentor the next generation of engineers and data scientists.

Daniel resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he shares life with his wife and four children. His hobbies include tennis, cooking, travel, music, and the joy of tackling stubbornly hard problems.