Gong Performance Accelerator

Go from call recording tool to a platform delivering business outcomes

Did your company invest in Gong and are struggling with any of the following? You're not alone!

Forecasting Inaccuracy
Inconsistent Opp Management
Field Performance and Attainment Gaps
Frontline Manager Maturity
Lack of Clarity or Refinement of ICP
Gong Usage and Adoption

GTMA Gong Practice

Unleash your business's true potential with Gong Performance Accelerator – a powerful and transformative service designed to drive business outcomes and accelerate real results. This cutting-edge solution swiftly identifies growth opportunities through data-driven insights, crafting a tailored roadmap to success.

With prioritized recommendations specifically tailored to your unique goals and challenges (like those outlined above), you gain a strategic advantage like never before. But that's not all – Gong Performance Accelerator offers more than just recommendations. Our exclusive Retainer Program grants you ongoing access to our team of certified experts, providing real-time support and guidance as they execute strategies and plans alongside you.

Go-To-Market and Gong Experts

Official Gong Partner

We are proud to say we are an official Gong Services & Consulting Partner. We work closely with the Gong team to support sales transformation and platform implementation.

Gong Certified

Our advisors are all Gong Certified as Program and Frontline Managers, equipped with a deep expertise of Gong as well as the operational and procedural expertise that is needed around it.

Gong Power Users Group

We've started a LinkedIn group called "Gong Practitioners" to foster discussions for Gong users looking for insights and advice on how to get more out of the tool. If you are interested in joining click here!

GTM Experts

We aren't like other Gong consultants who focus only on technical setup and usage. We help you with your overall GTM strategy and leverage Gong to enable your frontline managers and drive business outcomes.