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“Coach John Wooden and his legendary UCLA dynasty won 10 NCAA national basketball championships in 12 years, including 88 straight games and four perfect seasons.” – Excerpt from “Wooden on Leadership” – the Coach and Steve Jamison.


Coach Wooden believed there were no secrets to success. The road to success either on the athletic field or in the corporate environment is very well known. Coach Wooden was a master of clarifying basic principles which are paraphrased as follows:

  • It is not necessarily what you do, but how well you do it;
  • no system will be successful unless it is well grounded in the fundamentals;
  • (and) a successful system is based on individuals who have mastered the fundamentals and whose talents are integrated into a smooth working unit.

Our objective at gtm Advisors is to assist our clients in defining measurable outcomes as well as to develop well researched and pragmatic plans. In addition, our incremental value is to assist your talented and skillful employees through the execution of the plan’s tactics. Our incremental valued-added proposition is to provide you with the coaching and implementation services to ensure a profitable outcome. You can count on us for analysis, planning and most assuredly, execution.

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