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John W. Gardner in his treatise on “On Leadership ” assembles a list of 14 attributes that are important characteristics of any person or entity that takes responsibility for pre-defined outcomes. They are: physical vitality; intelligence and judgment-in-action; acceptance of responsibility; competence; an understanding of team members and their needs; skills in dealing with people; a need to achieve; a capacity to motivate; courage and steadiness; capacity to win and hold trust; a capacity to manage and set priorities, confidence; assertiveness; and adaptability.

It is our belief at gtmAdvisors that in some reasonable measure we bring these characteristics to each consulting engagement. Our goal is not only to achieve results but also to provide the necessary leadership to insure that our recommendations and solutions have a measurable impact on our clients’ objectives. While we focus on and measure outcomes, we assume responsibility and rigorously manage our processes and methodologies.

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