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“Innovation is change that creates a new dimension of performance.”

Peter Drucker

“Often, in common parlance, the words creativity and innovation are used interchangeably. They shouldn’t be, because while creativity implies coming up with ideas, it’s the ‘bringing ideas to life’ . . . that makes innovation the distinct undertaking it is.”
Hesselbein, 2003

So why is innovation important in the development of exceptional performance? Simply, innovative ideas and programs are pratical and pragramtic deployments of best practices which are based on creative interactions. Our experience at gtmAdvisors has allowed us access to a portfolio of best practices which can not only establish strong foundations for high impact sales and marketing programs but also this knowledge can reduce the the time to market as well as increase the potential for success. Delivering innovative, successful cost-effective solutions with minimal risk is a key building block of gtmAdvisors’ services.

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