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How do I know if I have chosen the “right” consultant?

Effective consulting begins with the initial interview.  If the consultant does not suggest a plan for discovery, does not ask relevant questions, does not offer relevant experiences and does not formally defined, through a follow-up correspondence the perceived client issue (s), then “red flags” should be waving.

You speak of performance, do you structure your fees based on outcomes?

Yes!  Based on the nature and duration of the project, we at gtmAdvisors will structure our fees based on the achievement of objective measurements.

What can a consultant do for me that I cannot do myself?

If the corporate conditions are right and the “stars “are internally aligned, the answer is not much.  However. If a company is resource limited, has a time constrained project; requires objectivity and candor or needs a specific non-resident skill set, then a professional, experienced business consultant can add significant value.

What are the some of the characteristics of a productive Value Added Reseller?

Obviously, sales performance. Yet beyond performance is the Partner’s ability to invest in personnel development, especially in terms of your products and services; and the partner’s ability to sustain the cost of the selling cycle.  Cash is king and the willingness to invest it, are the fundamentals of a Partner’s success.

What is a good way to minimize channel conflict?

A clear statement of the markets and accounts to be managed by each sales channels as well as streamlined rapid response process for conflict resolution.   Compensation programs as well as CRM utilization also minimize channel conflict.

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