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Case Studies

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A UK-based enterprise content management Software Company requested rationalization of their channel strategy in the Americas. The current Partner program was managed from Europe, and the few members of the program were not productive.
An analysis of each Partner was undertaken, and individual recommendations were made to either invest or not to invest were offered. In addition, a North American strategy was developed which called for the aggressive development of a Referral Partner program focused on enterprise consulting and system integration firms.gtmAdvisors was retained to assist with the recruitment of these consulting and professional services firms.
A start-up ventured capital-funded software developer was struggling due to a lack of sales. The technology is robust and productive but the sales organization was not achieving its objectives.  gtmAdvisors was retained to not only complete an analysis of the sales team but also to recommend modifications to the value proposition, if appropriate. A revised sales plan was developed which included a structure selling approach based on the accounts procurement processes. A new value proposition was designed, and a new team with complex sales experience was hired.
 An accounts recovery not-for-profit organization, whose collections exceed $1.5 billion, was facing an upsurge in competition due to mergers and well-financed consulting firms entering their market space.  An aggressive go-to-market strategy was required to secure a highly profitable segment of the patient accounts receivable marketplace.gtmAdvisors was retained to not only develop the plan but also to provide turn-key implementation services. After a survey of the client’s customers as well as key operational employees, a monthly persistent market awareness and self-qualified lead program was launched which included a newsletter focused on operational “best practices” alternating with customer case studies? The program was expanded from a “pilot” region to all served markets.
 A $20 million software developer who exclusively sold their products to a limited market segment through a direct distribution approach, engaged gtmAdvisors to assist them in developing an expanded “go-to-market strategy” which included selection of a distribution channel. Through a series of iterative research processes and the development of economic alternative distribution scenarios, a specialized Value Added Reseller channel model was adopted and successfully implemented.
A start-up Public Safety software company engaged the services of gtm Advisors to assist them with the development of their business plan which included the requirement to capitalize the company. A “pro forma” was developed, the investment community was contacted and a private offering was secured for the company. A portion of the funding was used to acquire a complimentary software company that immediately expanded the market share of the client company but also had a dramatic impact on the company’s cash position. The engagement was expanded to include the development of a targeted marketing and sales program which included a series of tactical marketing campaigns directed at specific accounts and associated decision makers.
A $300 million software corporation retained the services of gtmAdvisors to design and develop a subscription based technical training program. Building upon the extensive courseware developed by the company, the training subscription program was defined, test marketed, and launched in less than three months. The existing Value Added Reseller network was charted with implementation responsibilities. In just over one quarter, significant large corporate entities subscribed to this program. Gross Profit Margins for the company and the reseller exceed 35% each.
A high-end Value Added Reseller who specialized in the sale of technical software solutions engaged gtmAdvisors to facilitate a series of sales and marketing workshops whose focus was to expand the Resellers presence in new markets as well as establish selling priorities in existing markets. Over a period of three months, approximately six workshops were completed. Each subsequent workshop built on the decisions of the previous workshop to the point whereby each sales associated had developed their own set of sales priorities based on market as well as gross profit opportunity. A series of daily metrics were defined, commitments to achieve these metrics were made, and a monitoring process was initiated. In less than two months the overall gross profit of the Reseller dramatically increased and new accounts in new markets were secured.

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